Trump allies dangled a job before a Jan. 6 committee witness that would make her ‘financially very comfortable’ before her testimony, committee says

Rep. Zoe Lofgren, a California Democrat and member of the panel, disclosed the potential bombshell allegation during a Monday hearing that presented the panel’s findings from its lengthy investigation into the Capitol riot.

“These offers were withdrawn or didn’t materialize as the reports of the content of her testimony circulated,” Lofgren said. “The witness believed this was an effort to affect her testimony.” The witness described the potential job as one that would make her “financially very comfortable,” Lofgren said.

Lofgren added that the committee is “concerned that these efforts may have been a strategy to prevent the committee from finding the truth.” A coordinated effort to stymie the committee could potentially amount to obstruction of justice. 

The committee, Lofgren added, uncovered evidence that groups associated with the former president helped pay for lawyers for some of the witnesses that testified before Congress. 

It is unclear who the witness in question is. The committee has promised to release its full report and supporting evidence, including transcripts from testimony, in the coming days.

Rep. Liz Cheney, the panel’s vice chair, previously announced that the committee had passed on potential evidence of obstruction to the Justice Department without detailing what exactly transpired. 

Lofgren also said that a lawyer for a witness encouraged that witness not to recall certain information even when the witness knew what they were being asked about.

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