Are You the One S9’s Danielle Bonaparte age, Instagram, job, and more

Are You the One? season 9 is already gearing up to be the best season of this series. Why? Well, the stunning men and women of this cast are why!

Once again, we have a great deal of individuals joining this beloved reality TV series, and each of them has their own set of quirks and talents that are sure to make you huge fans of them. One person, in particular, is Danielle Bonaparte, a young woman who we think will go on to do bigger and better things very soon. But before she hits that apex, let’s tell you all about this season 9 star.

Danielle Bonaparte age

Danielle Bonaparte is currently 26 years old. She represents both California and Texas, so Southern and West Coast fans are sure to feel the love!

Danielle Bonaparte Instagram

Danielle’s Instagram, @dani_bonaparte, has 2,900 followers (and counting!) She often posts stunning pictures of her trips to London, Santo Domingo, and more. But when she’s not out exploring the world, she’s clearly out shopping because all of her outfits are out of this world!

See one of our favorite looks from Danielle here.

Be sure to give her a follow on Instagram. However, after that, give her a follow on her TikTok, @daniellebonaparte1, to see even more of her content.

Danielle Bonaparte job

Aside from being a traveler, social media influencer, and a new reality TV star, Danielle makes her coins by teaching dance. She got her skills by being a former NBA dancer for the San Antonio Spurs. (See a sentimental clip of Danielle’s three year-journey with the NBA team here.) Danielle has since walked away from her NBA dance career, but, with this new season of Are You the One, we know it’s only up from here.

Don’t forget to catch Danielle Bonaparte in Are You the One? season 9 streaming on Wednesday, Jan. 19, only on Paramount+. Check out the official trailer below.