4 Reasons You Should Look For A New Internship In 2023

It’s safe to say the job for life model of yore that your parents probably aspired to is about as relevant today as ping-pong and pool tables in an office where most of the workforce are doing their daily duties remotely.

Redundant perks aside, there are lots of reasons why the start of the new year is an opportune time to reassess your current career trajectory and reevaluate whether or not your employer is facilitating your professional development.     

1.   Salary bump

Unless you decide to start from scratch and change careers entirely or pivot to a passion project that doesn’t necessarily pay very well, a new job usually equates to an increase in your salary. According to data compiled by Indeed and Glassdoor, higher pay is the top reason employees look for a new job, findings that were echoed in another piece of research conducted across 14 countries across the world including the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy.

It makes sense when you take into account that workers who switch jobs experience higher pay than those who stay put. That’s according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), which analysed the pay growth of UK workers changing jobs voluntarily between 2000 and 2018.

2.   Bonus benefits

While negotiating a higher salary is usually down to your own negotiation skills, company benefits are standardised so that every employee is eligible for the same advantages. That said, benefits vary from company to company and some organisations have better employee benefits than others including health and dental insurance, life assurance, pension contributions, commuting discounts and even subsidised childcare.

More flexibility around working hours and location are also being offered to employees as part of a benefits package. So, if you feel like your current benefits package isn’t working for you, it could be time to move to a company that offers more.

3.   Culture fit

While better pay and employee benefits are two of the biggest motivations, values and culture also matter. That’s according to Indeed’s Work Wellbeing 2022 Insights Report in which 90% of respondents said how they feel at work matters more.

For younger workers, especially those who fall into the Millennial or Gen-Z cohorts, working for a company with strong values around diversity and inclusion (D&I) and a robust ESG (environmental, social and governance) policy is top of the wish list and can prompt a move.

4.   Learning curve

Upskilling is a key concern for workers and if you feel like your current role has gone stale and your skill set is developing, it could be time to look for a role in a company that prioritises learning and development (L&D). The good news is that 49% of organisations increased their L&D budget in 2022, up from 41% in 2021, highlighting how important—and valued—continuous progression is.

So, if you’ve weighed up your options and feel like now is the time to make the leap to a new employer, the good news is that the City AM Internship Board has thousands of opportunities at companies currently hiring like the three we’re highlighting below.


Online banking platform Monzo prides itself on its open and inclusive working environment which includes remote working options for many of its employees. This extends to flexible working hours, allowing workers to work enough hours to do their job well, at times that suit them and their team. The company also embraces diversity in all of its forms and aims to foster an inclusive environment for all people to do the best work of their lives. View all open positions at Monzo.


Founded in 2012, ByteDance‘s mission is to inspire creativity and enrich the lives of those who use and create their products. The company, which includes social media platform TikTok, is always on the lookout for creative, bold people who embrace ownership and are driven to make a positive impact on the world. Its D&I policy is also something to shout about: TikTok’s Diversity & Inclusion Council was set up to champion diversity and inclusion both in the workplace and on the platform. See all opportunities at ByteDance here.


Voted the number one place to work in the UK on a number of occasions, Google strives to provide a world-class benefits experience to its employees, focussing on supporting their physical, financial, and emotional wellbeing. Benefits are based on data, and centred around users: Googlers and their families. The company continually fosters its start-up culture and welcomes input from employees on every level. If this sounds like the kind of company you want to work for in 2023 and beyond, check out available roles at Google today.

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